About “the team”

This blog site has been created so that loved ones, family, and friends can follow “the team” as we travel to the Philippines to serve the Filipino people. The team consists of the following members: Craig Zylka, Lynn Baird, Larry Malament, Ben Ranneberger, Marilyn Matisohn, Jessy Gordon, Tom Minard, Rebecca Dziwulski, Katie Baugher, Joseph Baugher, Justin Flynn, Mandi Leubecker and Paul McKenna.  Our gospel belief entails not only treasuring the gospel personally but sharing it passionately. The risen Christ commissioned His church to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18–20).  God has given each member of this team specific gifts, many in this team with medical expertise. The purpose of this ‘mission’ is to both share the gospel and bless the Filipino people physically and spiritually.  We will be traveling to both Cebu and Bohol and joining with pastors in the Philippines; we will be (God willing) setting up medical camps to serve the physical needs of the Filipino people. We are eager to pursue Christ’s mission, relying fully on the Holy Spirit, to see the gospel proclaimed and churches planted throughout the world, that God may be glorified among every tribe, language, people, and nation (Revelation 7:9–12).