A Brief “Beiber” Blurb

I thought that when we left Cebu, that I would leave behind the name “Justin Beiber,” as I became known by in the Cebu city Church.  By the end of today, many of the translators and people of the Bohol Church were calling me Justin Beiber.  These islands love their Justin Beiber. It sure made for some good laughs.

Today, was our final day of clinics.  The grand finale was located on the island of Panglao which is right off of Bohol.  We enjoyed breakfast as a team prior to heading out for our final opportunity to serve the Boholano.  Boholano are the Filipino people who live on the Island of Bohol.  Pastor Pete from the Sovereign Grace Church of Bohol was able to score a covered gymnasium for us to work in.  It was by far the largest area we have been able to work in.  Having more room was nice for the extra tests and procedures we did without having to shuffle through crowds of people.  We also had some extra helpers from the local health care center.  They assisted by translating for us during triage, detail assessments by the providers, in pharmacy and during our procedures.  The translators were a huge help.  The great thing was, not all of the translators were Christians, which gave us a few more people to share the good news of Christ with.  It was great asking the translators if they knew why we were there and to tell them that the reason that we are here serving is because Christ first served us and changed our hearts.

In the beginning of the week Pastor Lynn reminded us that “unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain.”  There were times when things became busy during the clinics and it did not seem that I was doing much for the souls of people.  But then moments came when I was able to look over and see a Pastor speaking with one of the people who came for medical care but was also receiving the salve for their soul.  Many times I was encouraged to see Katie, Craig, and Amie praying for these people.  I was reminded that we are not laboring in vain. Christ alone can give these people new hearts.  Our efforts to extend mercy, and speak good news to these people are done in faith and in hope.  May the Lord put His Spirit in these people and give them new hearts!

Lastly, I am grateful for our time to serve.  I am grateful for our Church families sending us.  I am grateful for our Pastors equipping us.  I am grateful for the providentially planned team sent to serve.  I am grateful for our leaders Lynn, Larry, and Craig caring, serving and leading us.  Grateful for the gospel that unites these churches and sends us out to make new ones.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We don’t deserve to be here.  We are here because of Christ’s work in us and His work in you.

Justin “Beiber”  Flynn

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