Becca’s Blurbs

So today’s clinic was in the mountains of Cebu in a little village called Bonbon (I hope I spelled that right). The ride up had some of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen. Mountains, blue skies, and the greenest trees graced a destitute slum.This same theme traveled into the village itself. It was beautiful and terrifying. These people have nothing. This view is their life, as is the cardboard roofed hut they live in. Yet, even with the dirty floors, mangy dogs and cardboard rooftops I saw smiles. Children playing with sticks and running under their umbrella (which was the roof of one of the huts I saw), families laughing and sharing a meal together. People going about everyday life. Work, school, and home life don’t stop even in poverty. I was struck by how many of them were poor. I was struck by the thought that this picture was what my heart used to look like, and what some of these people’s hearts look like. Destitute. Thinking I had everything, when the only thing I have is a hut with a cardboard boxed roof. Without Christ, we are poor and have nothing. We need the gospel to bring us from the hut, into the mansion with Him and the Father. Realizing this, once again, brought me to a realization: I need Jesus. For this clinic. For this missions trip. For my whole life.

As far as the clinic today, it was well run. We had a good flow and the team worked really well together. Even in the rain and bug bites, we stayed strong. I could tell we really blessed these lovely people. At the end of the pharmacy line, they received a Bible in their language, that encouraged me. Most of these people don’t have access to a Bible in a language they can understand. I take so many things for granted: Fresh produce, toilet seats, toilet paper, a sink in every area I need one, and clocks. I really miss accessible clocks. I’ll probably get over it. Maybe.

Last thing I’ll say before I bore you all. God is doing such an amazing work here. Not only with this trip, but these churches who reach out to the communities. God is working. Thank you for your prayers, support and love. ¬†Soli Deo Gloria.

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