More thoughts from Tom

Kid’s smiles have been my motivation. Being a grandpa, my most important job is being the tickle monster. That same goofiness that makes the grand-kids laugh, is how I’ve been able to serve best. I’ve been making many smiles and  if I can bring the love of Jesus that way I am more than satisfied.

I’m an RN but the 3 lady RNs  are doing a fantastic job in Pharmacy. I’m not needed there. I’m helping testing urine samples for UTI’s and go figure, I’m doing pregnancy tests… that’s funny because I never even did that with my wife. Pharmacy is the one area where flow can get backed up, but Jesse has mentored Becca and Mandi well and they are running a tight ship.

Justin and Craig can be seen praying with patients, which is another way to share the love of Christ. Holistic medicine at its best!!!

Today’s camp is he last one in Cebu City. Tomorrow we travel to the mountain village at BobBon to do a medical camp there.

Larry Malament our SGC representative and seasoned medical mission leader has shown a boldness I’ve not witnessed before …  tackling the street traffic. It’s common to for pedestrians to walk in front of oncoming traffic. What was uncommon for me was seeing Larry do that. My pastor is a brave man, for a golf lover, his macho factor just went way up 🙂

I try posting again some other time. Right now I’m exhausted and we all have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Please keep praying for stamina for us older team members, and for our achy joints and bones.


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