First day of clinics

Where to begin? The day started with a church service at the church of His Dwelling, upon arrival the little room was packed full with what we’re estimating was over 200 people and out the door.  According to pastor only about a tenth of these people were church members, nearly everyone was there to be seen by “the team.” The worship music was powerful and cannot be described in words,  hearing an entire culture and nation sing songs we all love and know was incredible (we sang ‘oh happy day,’ ‘light of the world’ among several others).  The Lord really blessed the service and allowed pastor Lynn about 20 minutes to share the gospel (done very eloquently I might add) prior to medical care being given. The patients triaged with our wonderful EMT’S and paramedics. The patients were then sent to Katie and Craig (Katie pretty much saw women and children when able). From Katie and Craig they were sent to pharmacy to pick up medicines where Jessy ran the pharmacy.  A few bumps in the road today included Becca getting sick and dropping her BP (recooped quickly and had rejoined us by the mid afternoon), one young girl passed out (she was ok), and certain meds are being used quicker than expected, please pray for the meds and the people here.  Today we saw over 300 people and many were sent home to come back tomorrow (the original plan was to do 3 hours today and we did about 8 hours). The need is great but the people are kind and patient,  pray we receive the people tomorrow with kindness and love and that we treat people appropriately and efficiently.

The church service
Strategizing the best way to organize
Craig praying with patients
Justin triaging patients
Katie doing her thing with the children
Tom making the kids day by making balloon animals for then

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