About “the team”

This blog site has been created so that loved ones, family, and friends can follow “the team” as we travel to the Philippines to serve the Filipino people. The team consists of the following members: Craig Zylka, Lynn Baird, Larry Malament, Ben Ranneberger, Marilyn Matisohn, Jessy Gordon, Tom Minard, Rebecca Dziwulski, Katie Baugher, Joseph Baugher, Justin Flynn, Mandi Leubecker and Paul McKenna.  Our gospel belief entails not only treasuring the gospel personally but sharing it passionately. The risen Christ commissioned His church to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18–20).  God has given each member of this team specific gifts, many in this team with medical expertise. The purpose of this ‘mission’ is to both share the gospel and bless the Filipino people physically and spiritually.  We will be traveling to both Cebu and Bohol and joining with pastors in the Philippines; we will be (God willing) setting up medical camps to serve the physical needs of the Filipino people. We are eager to pursue Christ’s mission, relying fully on the Holy Spirit, to see the gospel proclaimed and churches planted throughout the world, that God may be glorified among every tribe, language, people, and nation (Revelation 7:9–12).

5 thoughts on “About “the team”

  1. Craig Zylka

    Your prayers are felt as God is answering them. Thanks for patterning with us on this trip. You truly are “part of the team”
    even if you’re back home!
    Actually, we treated our firt patient on the plane. Tom was next to a lady who had high BP and her monitor was reading high in the plane and we took a manual reading to determine it was actually fine. Tom prayed for her and she prayed for our team.


  2. Marilyn Matisohn

    We started the day with an awesome church service! There were people waiting outside the door and down the hall. We had people coming for medical, dental and optical. First they went to triage, then to see Dr. Katie or Craig. After that they were sent to the pharmacy for meds. The people waited very patiently. One of the dental patients passed out after having a tooth extracted. The 16 year old girl was unresponsive for over an hour. Her mother was very worried and upset. I went into the room with them and prayed for both of them. Eventually the girl woke up and walked out of the clinic.


  3. Marilyn Matisohn

    The clinic was very busy treating people with a variety of ailments. One man had a partially amputated toe with some of the stitches left in. Craig had to take them out and clean and dress the wound. A lady had a growth between her shoulder and neck. Craig lanced it and squeezed the pus out. Many different types of medication and vitamins were handed out. I got to help with the pharmacy today. Everything went fairly smoothly. The team members are hard working and love the Lord. After Dr. Katie and Craig see a patient, they pray for them while they’re still there.


  4. Marilyn Matisohn

    I think Becca pretty much said it all with her post. We set up the clinic outdoors on the dirt. I escorted patients from triage over to see the doctors trying to avoid stepping in the mud. The patients and their children walked a long way to get to the clinic and then waited for hours to see a doctor. This was their only hope since they can’t afford to pay a doctor or buy medicine. The poverty is astonishing. I found out that 3 families lived in a run down house right in back of triage. I think most people accept that this is their life. God bless them.


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